April 16, 2010

Off with the sideburns

I have taken to cutting the boys hair (husband included) in the past year.  We got tired of paying 17+ dollars for hair cuts at the salon.  Even though there are wonderful aspects of the salons like head massages, a nice cushy chair, and mirrors all around the dollars were just adding up too fast every six or so weeks.  I have improved over the year with the helpful tips from my husband and watching some videos online on "how to." Now I can do it fairly quickly and they actually look halfway decent!

Corbin had his first hair cut at 1 year old but Cody had to have his first hair cut at 6 months!  He had these sideburns that he was born with and they were so cute when he as born but they just kept growing and growing. Almost down to his shoulders - no kidding!  I finally consented to cutting them. I just knew that he would go from "baby" to "little boy" and had to mentally prepare for that. Plus, being the scrapbooker that I am, I had to save the some hair and get some pictures of the event too. I mean it is a milestone! Yep I know I am silly.  This haircut was a nice improvement for Cody's look, even though I liked Hasidic Jew look.

Awhhh my little cutie!


Cody loves his Daddy!

Cody was so good during this process and Steve held him nicely so I didn't accidentally jab him with the scissors.  It was easy and quick.
My boys bring me such JOY!

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